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Sadhu Board Practice: Short History and Benefits

Sadhu Board Nail Standing Practice Benefits

Sadhu Board standing practice (a practice of standing on boards with nails) has come to us from India and is believed to date back to 300 BCE. “Sadhu” from Sanskrit is translated as “a monk”, or “a holly man” – a specific group of people who would practice standing on nails to make themselves stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. That way Sadhu Masters prepared themselves to walk barefoot long distances to do the pilgrimage.

Sadhu Board Practice offers tremendous benefits on a physical level. There are more than 70,000 nerves ending in the soles of the feet; the acupressure points that get affected due to the practice contribute to positively stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic, digestion, and nervous systems.

-On a mental level, the practice helps with being in the “here and now” state, allowing a participant to be in a deep meditative state.

-On an emotional level, the practice contributes to one’s ability to handle stress, to develop stamina when facing challenging situations, to let go of the grievances, traumas from the past, self-limiting beliefs and doubts.

-Practice allows for clearing blockages on an emotional as well as subtle energy levels, allowing for an effortless flow of energy through main energy centers/chakras. When those centers are balanced, it has positive effect on one’s emotional and physical well-being.

On a spiritual level, a person may experience a deep connection to his/her heart and spirit, feeling a part of something bigger and insurmountable, feeling more connected to all the living creatures on the planet and the whole universe.

The effects from the Sadhu Practice may vary from person to person. Common effects include, but not limited to:
-elevated state of being, feeling light and more energetic;
-relaxation on a physical level, clear mind and a balanced emotional state;
-reduced anxiety and stress level;
– increased sense of life purpose;
– increased stamina and ability to handle mental and emotional stress in everyday life.

Standing on nails boards itself can be anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes, there is preparation stage, as well as working with intention beforehand, and integration and identifying insights after. As a result, whole process can last 2-2.5 hours. If you are interested in this experience, I would strongly encourage you to think about your intention. Ask yourself a question: “what particular change I am ready to bring into my life?”, “What are my biggest aspirations and dreams that I want to bring to reality?”. Be specific in understanding of why you feel ready to go through the challenging experience. Your intention has to be strong enough to carry you through uncomfortable bodily sensations during practice. I am here to guide you each step along the way.

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My name is Lena, and I am a Sadhu Master. I became fascinated by this ancient practice from the very “first step”. It came into my life at the time I needed it the most – I felt I was on the “fast track” of internal changes and shifts happening for me – on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Never in my life, had I felt so in control of my destiny until I started practicing standing on Sadhu Boards consistently. I feel it’s my true calling – to share with others the incredible benefits associated with standing on nail boards. I will guide you through your Sadhu Board experience to help you realize your full potential.

During this transformational experience, I’ll guide you each step of the way. It’s hard to describe in words the incredible elevated feeling of lightness and openness to the world you feel thanks to this powerful practice. It’s not for everyone, but if you feel it’s resonating with you, it’ll be my absolute honor to be your guide. 

You can book individual in-person session with me, for which a sadhu board will be provided for the practice. You can also book a virtual session (you would need to have your own Sadhu Board). I also offer group Sadhu Board Practice workshops at Goji Yoga Studio. Please find the dates for those under special events tab.

Picture of Lena L.

Lena L.

YTT280, Certificate in Sound Bath Therapy and Yoga Nidra, Reiki Level 1, Sadhu Master, Level 2.
The idea of Goji Yoga Studio was born from a desire to share my passion for yoga with the community.
As a yoga teacher, Sadhu Nail Standing Master and a sound bath practitioner, I continue to explore other creative healing modalities to add to the studio’s offerings while positively affecting the lives of others. 

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