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Transforming My Yoga Practice: The Impact of Yin Yoga | Oakville, Ontario

Oakville Yoga Studio - Goji Yoga - The Impact of Yin Yoga

It’s no secret that we develop new neurological paths in our brain when trying something new and different – whether it’s taking a different route on your way home, watching a new movie, reading an usual genre, attending an exhibition or a concert. Entertainment-wise, we are less likely to say “no” to such activity. Exercise routine is a different story; we tend to stick to the activity we are enjoying, because “why fix something that is not broken, right?”. Well, it is so great when we find something that working for us and keeps us active. Having said that, when we stay open to trying new ways to stay active, amazing thing can happen – we may find a new passion.

This is exactly what happened to me when I was open enough to try a new yoga style – Yin. I was a regular student at a yoga studio near me, always anticipating Hot Yoga Flow classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There was no better way for me to start a day than to be active on a yoga mat flowing through my chaturangas and upward-facing dog to downward dog poses. For me, no other styles of yoga existed, and I never considered slower paced classes, at least not until I started my Yoga Teacher Training. I was encouraged to explore different styles of yoga, including Yin.

Initially it was very unusual and uncomfortable for me to stay in a passive pose for longer periods of time. I can’t say that it was the love at first try. I felt that unless I was moving from one balancing pose to the other, I would not benefit from the practice. Little did I know that Yin Style Yoga provides a deep stretch that no other class can offer.

With time I learnt that stillness I committed to during Yin Practice was incredibly beneficial for my usually active mind. So, slowing down and focusing on my breath was precisely what I would benefit from. Interesting how we usually resist the style that can be so beneficial for us. It is the first reason to practice Yin – to find stillness, to slow down in our ever-changing busy world, and to quiet an active mind.

Secondly, with just couple of months of practice I found my flexibility increased dramatically. Bringing the chest in a seated wide-legged forward fold all the way towards the floor did not feel like a huge achievement anymore – it just happened naturally. Yin practice helps to find flexibility by targeting connective tissues, such as fascia, ligaments, and tendons. By holding a pose for at least 4 minutes, we get to that deep stretch of the connective tissues that are not as plastic as muscles, and as a result require longer holds to be stretched.

Little did I know that Yin Style Yoga provides a deep stretch that no other class can offer.

Third reason for Yin Practice is self-inquiry. Yes, we can turn to those entertaining psychological tests to find out what triggers, upsets or agitates us. We can choose to ignore our unpleasant emotions, to push them away, to simply keep going because we are busy. Or better – we can choose to close our eyes and take an internal inventory of the emotions and feelings that may be coming up to the surface, bubbling up, creating that nagging sensation in our body. Yin practice with longer holds of the poses gives us space to do that; to close our eyes and to turn our attention inward, to notice and acknowledge certain emotions and feelings. As a result, we become more in tune with our inner selves.

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Letting go is the hardest thing to do. Amazing thing happens when we practice Yin. When we release on a physical level, it affects other aspects of our being, and it’s easier for us to let go on an emotional level. We’ve heard the tip so many times – when we get upset, just to breathe. Well, during a whole hour of Yin practice we are reminded to focus on our breath, to find deep inhales and exhales. As a result, Yin practice helps with acknowledging and letting go of the emotions that maybe we have been holding on for too long. 

Fifth reason to practice Yin is that it is believed to be improving the quality of sleep, and who wouldn’t benefit from that? Our mind gets overstimulated in our technologically advanced and connected world. When we find stillness and meditative state of mind during Yin practice, it helps with relaxing our body and clearing the mind. As a result, regular Yin practices attributes to a better quality of sleep.

To summarize, I would highly recommend Yin Practice to anyone! It serves as an amazing compliment to any other active yoga styles or physical activity in general. You would not find the deep stretch Yin Yoga provides in any other practices. What started for me as an exploration of a new yoga style have turned into passion. Now that I am an owner of a boutique yoga studio I choose to teach Yin on most of the evenings of the week. I still teach active Vinyasa Flow Style, which was my first love and the reason I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training. There is a magical appeal to me in Yin Practice, and I keep learning and growing in that space as a student and a teacher. 

If you are in the Oakville area, please feel free to sign up for a Warm Yin Candlelight yoga class at Goji Yoga Studio to feel the benefits of this style for yourself!  In addition to cozy and blissful atmosphere, I like to use Koshi Chimes at the end of the Yin Yoga Class to add to the relaxing nature of Savasana. I love seeing how at the end of the practice everyone seems to be much more relaxed, peaceful and at ease, and that alone makes Yin Style is one of my favorite to practice and to share with others.

Picture of Lena L.

Lena L.

My name is Lena. I have been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. I believe yoga is a life-long journey. I am at the stage of my journey where I want to share my yoga experience and knowledge to benefit your lives, and that was the reason I took a Yoga Teacher Training to be a certified Yoga Teacher. Join me on your mat for transformational and fun classes at Goji Yoga Studio.

2 thoughts on “Transforming My Yoga Practice: The Impact of Yin Yoga | Oakville, Ontario”

  1. I have done yoga for over 20 years and then I moved. Finding Goji saved my muscles. My very first class was a Yin class. I found it very slow at the start but realized quickly how my tight upper back was slowly loosening up. Sitting behind a desk all day working on a screen creates tightness, to the point that it hurts. Try this class and it will loosen up those nagging kinks. This is like a massage and you will feel so much better.

    1. Thank you, Marika, for sharing your experience with Yin Yoga class, and – with being open to giving this particular yoga style a try! Yin practice definitely feels like a deep tissue massage, and it offers the type of the stretch that cannot be easily found in other practices, so it beautiful compliments active yoga styles or Pilates!

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