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Discover a variety of enriching workshops at Goji Yoga Studio, including spiritual awakening, sound baths, and Usui Reiki healing. Join us and unlock new dimensions of personal growth and inner harmony through our diverse workshop offerings.

"Chillax" with Lena/ Sound Bath+Yoga Nidra

“Chillax” with Lena/ Sound Bath+Yoga Nidra - $38

Experience “Chillax” with Lena every third Friday and fourth Wednesday of the month. We invite you to find deep relaxation and restore your inner balance by tuning out the distractions and noise of the outer world and connecting to the most authentic version of yourself.

This unique session combines gentle breathwork, the soothing embrace of Yoga Nidra (often known as Yogic Sleep), and the enchanting sounds of healing instruments, including Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Ocean Drum, Hand Pan, and RAV Vast.

During this experience, you will:
-Engage in gentle breathwork to calm your busy mind
-Explore Yoga Nidra, practiced in Savasana, to attain a state of deep relaxation that surpasses traditional guided meditation
-Immerse yourself in the magical sounds of healing instruments, which envelop your body in higher-vibrating frequencies. This allows you to get back into a perfect state of alignment on physical, emotional and energetic levels!

Relax your mind and body to reconnect with your authentic self through this holistic journey of self-discovery.

Price: $38 Plus Tax

*Our members get a 20% discount at the checkout (special monthly promo membership or summer specials do not apply). 


Lena L., an owner of Goji Yoga Studio, a yoga teacher and a sound bath practitioner (YTT280, over 500 hours/classes taught, Certificate in Sound Bath Therapy and Yoga Nidra). The idea of Goji Yoga Studio was born from a desire to share Lena’s passion for yoga with the community and to allow other yoga teachers, just like herself, to do the same, while positively affecting the lives of others.

She continues exploring breath work, yoga nidra, sound bath, reiki healing, Sadhu Board practice and other creative healing modalities to add to the studio’s offerings while nurturing a supportive community at Goji Yoga Studio. 

Possible effects of a yoga nidra/ sound bath session:

  • Expect deep relaxation and reduced stress as the primary benefits of the session.

  • Some may enter altered states, experiencing heightened senses or emotions.

  • Memories or emotions may surface, leading to potential emotional release.

  • You might feel vibrations or tingling sensations.

  • Improved mood, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being are common outcomes.

  • It’s normal to drift into deep relaxation or even fall asleep during the session.

  • Remember that experiences vary, and what you feel is unique to you.

  • Give yourself time to reflect and integrate your experience after the session.

If you have medical or psychological concerns, consult a professional before participating. By participating, you acknowledge and accept these potential effects. Our aim is to create a safe and transformative experience for your well-being. 

Friday, Feb 16th and Wednesday, Feb 21st, 8:15 – 9:30 PM

Friday, Feb 16th and Wednesday, Feb 21st, 8:15 – 9:30 PM

Where: Goji Yoga Studio

Price: $38 Plus Tax

Energy Exchange: $38

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