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Discover a variety of enriching workshops at Goji Yoga Studio, including spiritual awakening, sound baths, and Usui Reiki healing. Join us and unlock new dimensions of personal growth and inner harmony through our diverse workshop offerings.

"Calm Creativity: Meditative Doodling & Sound Bath"

Calm Creativity: Meditative Doodling & Sound Bath - $65

For the first time at Goji Yoga Studio, join us for a unique special event – where tranquility meets creativity. Immerse yourself in a meditative doodling experience, allowing your mind to wander on paper while finding inner calm. Meditative doodling lets you explore repetitive patterns, a fun form of art, accessible to everyone. If you can draw lines, circles or cursives, you can doodle! We invite you to explore this beautiful mindful practice further. 

The session concludes with a soothing Sound Bath, enveloping you in a symphony of healing vibrations of Koshi Chimes, Crystal Singing Bowls, Mini-Harp, RAV Vast, Ocean Wave Drum and more. Unwind, create, and harmonize in this blissful fusion of mindfulness and artistic expression.

Possible effects of sound bath experience:

  • Expect deep relaxation and reduced stress as the primary benefits of the session.
  • Some may enter altered states, experiencing heightened senses or emotions.
  • Memories or emotions may surface, leading to potential emotional release.
  • You might feel vibrations or tingling sensations.
  • Improved mood, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being are common outcomes.
  • It’s normal to drift into deep relaxation or even fall asleep during the session.
  • Remember that experiences vary, and what you feel is unique to you.
  • Give yourself time to reflect and integrate your experience after the session.

If you have medical or psychological concerns, consult a professional before participating. By participating, you acknowledge and accept these potential effects. Our aim is to create a safe and transformative experience for your well-being. 


Ming M. (a yoga teacher and meditative doodling guide) will take you through the meditative process of mindful doodling, and all the material will be provided.

Lena L., an owner of Goji Yoga Studio, a yoga teacher and a sound bath practitioner (YTT250, over 500 hours/classes taught, Certificate in Sound Bath Therapy). 

Saturday, Feb 10, 2:00pm

Price: $65 Plus Tax *Our members get a 20% discount at the checkout.

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