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Discover a variety of enriching workshops at Goji Yoga Studio, including spiritual awakening, sound baths, and Usui Reiki healing. Join us and unlock new dimensions of personal growth and inner harmony through our diverse workshop offerings.

Ignite Your Inner Fire; Sadhu Board Practice Workshop

"Ignite Your Inner Fire" Sadhu Board Practice Workshop - $90

 Join us for a transformational Sadhu Board (Nail Standing) Practice Workshop “Ignite Your Inner Fire”

–         Let go of old emotions/patterns to open up to the Spring energy of awakening;

–         Release energetic blockages that hold you back from tapping into your full potential;

–         Ignite Your Inner Fire so you can manifest your dreams and goals.

Do you feel a lack of energy and motivation to go after your dreams and goals? Do you feel that the winter season is still weighing you down and you need to shed some old emotions/patterns and energy?

In this workshop, you are invited to explore an ancient Sadhu Board Practice (standing on a nail board) to conquer your fears, step outside of your comfort zone and ignite your inner fire! The result of this unique event is an elevated state of mind and spirit, feeling lighter and more energized and ready to manifest your intentions.

 Save your spot by signing up; spots are limited to 8 participants. 

Price: $90 (our regular members get an automatic 10% discount at the checkout).

Group Sadhu Board Standing Practice is happening every third Sunday of the month at Goji Yoga Studio. 

About the Facilitator:

Lena L. YTT280, Certificate in Sound Bath Therapy and Yoga Nidra, Reiki Level 1, Sadhu Master

“I became fascinated by this ancient practice from the very “first step”. It came into my life at the time I needed it the most – I felt I was on the “fast track” of internal changes and shifts happening for me – on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level. Never in my life, had I felt so in control of my destiny until I started practicing standing on Sadhu Boards consistently. 

I feel it’s my true calling – to share with others the incredible benefits that Sadhu Practice has to offer!”

Important to read and acknowledge:

Contraindications for standing on Sadhu Nail Board:
– feeling unwell, dizziness, fainting
– heart failure;
– strokes/heart attacks suffered less than 6 months ago
– epilepsy, mental illness;
– any intoxication, especially the state of alcohol or drug intoxication – blood diseases
– severe diabetes: insulin dose more than 60 units/day
– taking strong medications;
– pregnancy, breastfeeding period;
– acute pain syndrome of unknown cause;
– damage and wounds of the foot;
– oncological diseases – only in agreement with the attending physician.
-any mental illness, treatment by a psychiatrist.
In case of any acute conditions, consultation with the attending physician is necessary. For any borderline mental states, consultation with a psychotherapist is necessary. By signing up for the practice, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all of the contradictions and take a full responsibility for your decision.

Saturday, April 20th, 3:00pm

Price: $90 (members get 10% off)

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